Friday, April 4, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Another day of rain, am I surprised?  No.  What would life be in B.C. if it wasn't raining??  It just puts off the fact that I desperately need to get out into my yard to do a major cleanup that wasn't done last fall before the freeze.  I honestly think that people driving by our home must think that it has been abandoned because of the mess of the front yard.  And it doesn't help that on either side of us we have very meticulous gardeners that have already taken advantage of some of the nice days we've had to clean and spruce up their yards.  (They must have really dirty houses inside and don't have to cook for their families!)

Could it be that the state of the outside of our property be related to the fact that I have been working frantically on the inside of our home doing many renovation projects to prepare it for a future "for sale" sign.  I guess before we put that "for sale" sign on our front lawn this chick better take off her "carpenter" gloves and put on her "gardener" gloves and get to the business outside! Otherwise, once the "for sale" sign goes up in our yard, this chick better make sure that it is a yard that someone would stop and take notice of!

Getting back to the reno's at hand, I am almost finished with the front entryway.  The entryway used to have really old wallpaper that wasn't in good shape.  I have really wanted to use bead board in the house somewhere and this seemed like a good place to spruce things up and to streamline the look.  Just two more panels and trim and then I can get to painting it.  The walls above the panelling are already painted to match the rest of the house to make it "flow" better.

Just yesterday the tile guy came and measured the rooms that we want to add tile to.  The two bathrooms and laundry room will soon have gleaming floors to stare in awe at.  If I knew how to tile floors I would've, but this is not an area I want to mess with.  Tiling our kitchen backsplash is as far as I will go.

Last night we spent the evening at an athletic awards banquet in Abbotsford for our middle daughter's university.  The dinner was great, the speaker was great, and the conversation was great.  It is nice to see all the athlete's get recognized for all their hard work during their sport season.  With our daughter it is the sport of basketball.  We spend many hours warming up the gym's bleachers watching numerous basketball games.  We enjoy it though.  We have two daughters who play on basketball teams (one in high school, one in university) so we spend double the time in gymnasiums!

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