Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ahh...Christmas Decorating

Just thinking about Christmas gives me the warm cozy feeling.....but, the thought of hauling up from the basement ALL OF THOSE BOXES doesn't! I usually have my tree up by this time but I have a million things swimming around in my head - could it be because I am not even a quarter done Christmas shopping?! Could it be the mess that has been on my dining room table for the last month because I am trying to get some things listed in my etsy shop before Christmas comes and goes? Organization really is a strong suit I have but I'm not feeling that organization love right now! Where are all my Christmas helpers, elves and fairies? Don't they see the red alarm light going off on the top of my roof signaling for help?? I think they are just too busy these days helping out all those other moms who are feeling it too!

But, I know by crunch time I will have everything done, but right now the stress factor is creeping into my subconscious and messin' with my brain! Go away...go away...I am only supposed to be having "happy" thoughts right now because it is Christmas time and the Christmas music is playing where ever you go and everything looks so festive everywhere and Starbuck's has eggnog lattes and cranberry bliss bars and there are craft fairs to go to and soon it will be snowing and have that "Norman Rockwell" look.....every where except for in my house right now! Luckily I decorate with red so I do have some sort of head start on all of you out there!
As I look at the photo above it conjures up thoughts of what Christmas was like back in those "vintage" days. I'm sure it was nothing like it is now. Probably a lot simpler and low key. Decking the halls probably meant just decorating a Christmas tree and not your whole house. Yeah, I could go for living those days right fact, I am going to promise myself NOT to go all out this year and keep things simple! Since it is only "me, myself and I" providing the help, I think this is the year to go streamline...a few simple things put out so that it is only a "few" simple things to put away once the time comes.

SIMPLIFY...I'm lovin' that word right now! Let the simple decorating begin....

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