Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Garden of Pups

will you love us?

will you give us a home?

will you be my companion?

please take me home...

these pups still need a home

are you lonely?

these puppies will fill your heart with love


Holly Loves Art said...

Oh they are all so darn cute. I think they are all adorable and actually all look a little bit different. Can you tell them apart? I'm still saying we should "bottle" the puppy smell!

Kim Caldwell said...

This puppies are SO darling! Thanks for stopping by so I could come take a peek at your world!


Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Rochelle, thanks for stopping by! Yes, Maddie is sure a clown, so darn cute. Your babies are so adorable, and look how big they are! I still love Ginger, hope they all grow in those ears, ha ha. Love Yorkie ears. I miss my Chester, keep calling this new baby Chester, but I'll learn! I know some loving parents will show up for the girls, then you can have a life again! I hear ya, boy do I hear ya! Take care, Riki