Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bad Blogger

Okay....I know it's been about 10 days since my last post
but I've been really really busy
busy making and gathering up stuff
for what you ask?
for a Christmas show I'm in 
my first show in a long...long...long...time
all the frantic preparations and last minute details
are bringing back all those memories of when I used to do shows
I hope I survive!

but now I want to go back
back to beach art camp
back to where I could escape all the franticness I'm feeling now

oh wait....I am going back
not to the beach but to oregon
for this great workshop taught by this great lady pictured with me
her name is Terri Brush
and if you have never been to one of her classes, workshops or art camps
you must go now HERE and sign up for one in the future

she goes all out with her preparations and details
I will be attending the art camp at the beach again next fall
where my friend Christina will be one of the teachers there
so excited for Christina
her talents amaze me and they also amazed others
so many in fact that Terri has asked her to teach next fall

and also Christina is going to be featured in an upcoming
edition of Where Women Create!

Jo Packham was a special guest at the beach art camp
and asked Christina if she could come out to Ontario and feature
her store and studio for the magazine

lucky gal!

can't wait to see the published edition...

here are Christina, myself and Tiffany in our crowns/hats we made
in Tiffany's workshop part of the weekend
Tiffany liked Christina's so much that Christina gifted her with it!

Tiffany is such a sweetheart and I enjoyed visiting with her again for these few days
exciting things are happening for her too
and I don't know a more deserving person than herself to receive these blessings
check out where her travels have taken her recently HERE

me in my "witchery" finery

such a perfect crown for Halloween time

this cabinet card woman came from an antique album full of photos

another project in the workshop weekend on the coast was a soldered crown
taught by Terri

this is her sample one

so I figured if I am going to go through the steps of making a crown
that I was going to make one big enough to fit!

so I laid out my pieces
and started the task of taping them with copper tape

and made it regal enough fit for a!
just ask my family - they'll tell you who the queen of this castle is!

here is the final outcome of my crown
it is SO me...

and here is Christina's finished crown
if you knew her you would know that this is SO her
the "queen of good enough"

a crown for the pumpkin!

and getting back to the food of the weekend...
this is Terresita
she is the cupcake girl

her sweet concoctions of the weekend were fabulous

she even made me a special one with red sprinkles on it
(someone told her I love the color red)

while I was in oregon I was also able to spend a few days visiting family
it was my younger sisters' first wedding anniversary
we celebrated with extended family with a dinner to honor the couple

here they are posing with the pumpkin my dad grew for them

and the girls...
jenny - melissa - mom - rochelle

it was a great couple of weeks
days that went by much too quickly
but days that will stay memorable to me

I have one more post on beach art camp to come
need to share the last class project we did

then, art and soul portland projects....


Suzi @ u2rblessed said...

Love everything you made!!! I miss you, Christina and everyone else from Art Camp. It was so amazing, can't wait for next fall. See you in New York!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog!! Love the pictures - I didn't take many because Suzi had her camera out. So these are nice to see. Hard to describe your hat and crown so these are great shots so I can brag more about the creative side of you and Christina :) Looking forward to New York already checking into tickets.
Take Care & See ya'll soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rochelle, All your projects turned out great. Can't wait to see the box you made. So glad I got to meet you and Christina> Can't wait to see you guys in New York. Looking for to Art Camp in the fall.

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Rochelle, so great seeing you with Terri. She seems like a very nice lady. LOVE your crown, so darn cute! Great trips you had. Maddie is getting sooo big! Hugs, Riki

natalea said...

OMG those crowns!!! Love them!!
happy halloween! xo natalea