Wednesday, March 21, 2012

playing with dolls

playing with dolls
takes on a whole new meaning
when you are 50 and not 5

from my happy bowl full
of these precious long forgotten dolls
i chose one that i could make as
the center of attention to this one of a kind necklace

 blue eyes just like mine were in order
so she fit the bill right away

of course a crown also had to be added
because everyone in my household
knows that i am

from her neck there are all sorts of pretties
an enameled charm that reads the number "25"
(an age i wish i could go back to cause i would do a lot of things differently)
an eiffel tower
a key with a crown on top
a fleur de lis
a miniature telephone
and a cute little chair
plus some cream colored fresh water pearls
and some rhinestone bling

i made some hand forged silver wire links
for the bulk of the necklace
dangling from the middle of each
are cute little cream colored fresh water pearls 

i love my whimsical piece
i know a lot of people think it's creepy
but i love these little porcelain doll heads

even more so
i love creating things with them
this way they are not forgotten little girls anymore
but girls that can live on and create new stories

and yes
that is the sun you see shining behind me
it too has been a long forgotten thing in this town
i am so glad it has decided to show up today!

happy wednesday!


Kathy said...

Very beautiful!
Creepy doll heads? No way...

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey Doll! Oh I just love Charlotte heads and your necklace is awesome!

Sandy xox

Holly Loves Art said...

Oooooh I love her so much Rochelle! And absolute favorite! She looks so pretty on you - blue eyes/blue eyes! A really nice length too. Can't wait to see all your pretty jewelry in person... May is almost here!