Friday, January 2, 2009


Right now I am sitting in my Lazy Boy recliner contemplating......what you ask? Well, the fact that all my Christmas decorations need to be taken down is one major thing. Also the laundry that is oozing out of the laundry basket in my bedroom, that would be another. And, as I look around the house I can think of many other things to contemplate.

Next week I plan to get started on these:
  • Paint my bedroom closet
  • Paint the ceiling in kitchen where new lighting is
  • Paint the wainscotting in the entryway
  • Clean up my craft room
  • Clean and organize the basement
  1. this would involve going through boxes
  2. this would also involve organizing all the Christmas stuff in boxes
  3. this would also involve much energy on my part to get it done!
  • Start crafting!! - I am excited for this because I have many ideas stirring in my brain!
I liked contemplating about it much better!


Brenda@Spareminute cottage said...

Hi; I came by your blog from Sweet Cottage Dreams.I have enjoyed reading through your blog,everthing is so pretty.
Do you mind If I follow your blog and add you to my blog list?

cherished*vintage said...

Hi Rochelle! I'm right there with ya - contemplating... I think I do too much of that in fact. hehe I'm so happy you stopped by my blog, so now I've found yours. Your house is beautiful and looked so comfy and inviting for Christmas. I love the houses you made with your girls out of cereal boxes! I'm looking forward to keeping up with up you throughout the new year. Happy New Year!

katie Figueroa said...

Hello Rochelle,
I dragged my tree out this morning before the recycle came.. 10 footer.. Im sending a photo of my family and Bobs...