Monday, April 27, 2009

The Girls and I

Mondays are my days to do my errands in town and I try and cram everything into the morning. After driving my daughter to school, Lola, Minnie and I started our day of galavanting. To make their outings in the vehicle more "appealing" I invested in this doggie chair for the SUV. It allows them to sit up high in the vehicle to see what is going on outside. They are adjusting well to it and I myself am liking it very much because then they are not trying to get on my lap while I am driving. Oh, what we don't do for our doggies....

Anyways, it was a gorgeous sunny day so I went to our local nursery and picked up some more perennials to replace the ones that "perished" in the long winter we had. No more blue star creeper, columbines and sad. So, picked up some hardy shrubs, some woodruff, wallflowers, and chartreuse lady's mantle. This week calls for extended sunshine so I will be taking advantage of it and spending my time OUTSIDE!

This is what's blooming in my backyard now...the first rhodo that is a pale apricot/pink color. I love my rhodos because they all bloom at different times so you can really enjoy each one's beauty. Oh, I love spring!

But, once this warm weather sets in, it is hard to divide time between the outside and the inside chores that still need to be done....let alone creating things.

Also need to organize what I am going to do for youngest daughter's graduation shindig....I think a BBQ is in order, but with the uncertain type of weather we have here in B.C. there will have to be a plan B as well. 

Well, gotta get back to the sunshine at hand! 

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