Friday, April 3, 2009

Three Ladies in Red

While at the market in Havana, Cuba I saw many things...ornate handicrafts...handmade jewelry...bright embroidered clothing...and, the many canvases painted by the local artists. Many of the paintings were of the sort of thing that wouldn't match my current decor in our home but, while exploring some of the different booths I came across one canvas that caught my eye...done in the colors of my preference....RED!! I was so happy I had to get it for our home. It is such a bright and cheerful painting...and for only $25!!

So, as soon as I got home I rushed to our neighborhood Michaels and had it framed. It is going to hang upstairs in our hallway above my grandmother's antique sewing machine.

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Cheryl said...

Hello my red and white girl! Loved your new little room with our favorite colors. Enjoyed reading about your adventures in Cuba...the pictures are great! Thanks for sharing! MWAH!