Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Painting We Will Go

Way back when (my wainscoting project) I started a project in our entry hallway that has taken me a WHOLE YEAR to finish! Start one thing and it leads to another and another and so on - the snowball effect, as I like to call it. A year ago I had finished putting up the paneling and all last fall was devoted to painting the walls in our house the same color so it would unify everything. After taking a picture for a post a couple of weeks ago (No More Hall of Shame), I realized that I really needed to finish this small project that was started a year ago. Well, this week I finally tackled painting the paneling and then once that was painted everything else looked terrible as you can see from these pictures.
We've been in our home for about 11 years now and I guess the trim and doors have taken a beating - that and also the fact that the house is 80 years old! So, this summer I am going to devote my time to repainting ALL of the doors and trim throughout the house so that they sparkle like the rest of it.
I hope a summer is enough time to finish what I've started....

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