Monday, May 11, 2009

Saving the Day

Mother's Day started off by going to my parents' church service with them followed by breakfast at Sweet Waters Restaurant in Albany, OR. Here I am striking a pose with my daughters....
Then we headed back home again to my parents house where this mom saved the day of a little lost my mom and dad's studio working area the door was left open (I am guilty) and a hummingbird flew in and headed straight up to the skylight window on the vaulted ceiling. Needless to say even getting up on a chair did not get me as close as I needed to get so my mom concocted a "net" of sorts (a plastic bag on the end of some floor trim) and I began to guide the bird away from the window. He then flew across the room and into one of the cobwebs on the vaulted beams. Lucky for us he did this because it caused him to drop (because of the weight of the cobweb) down to our level and land on the window ledge. I reached for his back tail wings to get him and then he started to fly away (which left some feathers in my grasp) and then he dropped to the ground. I picked him up from the floor and he wasn't moving....I then began to pluck away the cobwebs still stuck on him and guided him to the petunia basket so he would get some of the nectar from the flowers. After slowing drinking some, he sprung to life and flew away.....a good ending!
After this drama of the day we enjoyed barbeque filet mignon, baked beans, baked potatoes, caesar salad and garlic bread....YUM! Thanks dad!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have a photo with the bird in hand, very pretty.

kana said...

That first remark is from Kana.

Roxanne said...

Rochelle! What an amazing hummingbird story and pics! I'm so jealous! I guess that makes you the official hummingbird queen! I love those precious birds.

I love the picture of you and your cute!

The cupcakes were Red Velvet. The layer cake Italian Cream....delish!