Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall is Here

it's time
we can't deny it
the time when the crispness of the air outside lets us know it is fall
a time to nest
time to enjoy our families
time to enjoy the simple home life
enjoying our nights cozied up by the fireplace
snuggled up under a nice warm quilt enjoying the book we never got to read this summer
 and having an excuse to try all those fall lattes that Starbucks has to offer this time of year

it is the start of the "cold" seasons
we are told to expect a much colder and longer winter this year
oh boy

I guess I shouldn't expect anything less living in a northern country
but sometimes I just ache for that California warmth

on my iphone I have my old town of Gilroy listed on my weather page
today I happened to look at it and they are having weather in the high 80's - 90's

I must love my husband very much
to leave my homeland of the ever abundant sunshine
to a country that mostly gives liquid sunshine

but one thing that liquid sunshine provides
is time to spend inside in my little room of happiness
creating fun things to share

yes, fall is here
and with it I bring to you some fall themed aprons
they will be listed on my etsy store very soon

if you are interested in donning one of these pretties
visit me here


kana said...

It is getting cooler here in TN and I am happy about it. Just hope we get to enjoy more fall and less winter. Your aprons are pretty!!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Okay Rochelle...
What happened to our deal of me spilling the beans about my trip to Round Top and you letting us all know about Art Camp???
I'm still waiting girl!!!!!
I'm dying here!
Did Karen give you a big hug from me????