Friday, February 4, 2011

Celebrating 75!

this past weekend was spent celebrating
my dad's 75th birthday

a road trip to bend, oregon was the destination
for this monumental year of his life

there are many things that i love about my dad

he's honest

he's strong

he's a man of integrity

he's consistent

he's a great role model

he's stable

he's a great cook

he's a loving husband and father

and he's able to do any task that i've ever asked help with

when i think of my dad
i imagine this pillar of strength
who is always there for me

who would move the heavens and earth for me
without giving it a second thought

thank you dad
for always being there
and for all the memories
i have with you to last a long long time

you are the best father a little girl could have ever asked for

i love you

and now a trip down memory lane...

a boy and his dogs

a mischievous looking boy

8th grade football 

high school graduation 

side profile 

my dad was very athletic throughout his school years
he excelled in track, basketball and football

here are some track photos 

such a handsome lad!

for as many sports as he was involved in
football was the one that stood out above all
he's that handsome #29 in this photo 


so serious

and #16 was his basketball number 

here is his team and coach in a serious halftime talk

more football

i've heard that he was a heartthrob with all the ladies
can you see why?

my dad's childhood football landed him a scholarship to USC
where he played for a few years

this was some funny dress-up that the football players were involved in

a james dean look with that cigarette hanging out of his mouth

my dad's first car

and these photos were from a camping trip that he and his friends took

by the look of the empty beer bottles on the table i'd say they had a good time

something was funny

my dad the welder
most of his life was spent as a welding teacher
at a vocational school in san jose, california

this newspaper clipping was for a movie he was in called
"the revolt of mamie stover" in 1956

when he was in the national guard

and here he is today
you haven't changed a bit dad
and i hope i age as well as you!

a celebratory photo after dinner

what do you get your dad for his 75th birthday?? create something so unique - just like him!

so....i got the USC football field for the background
and then some cheerleaders from that era
and collaged my dad's head onto a USC players body

wait....those cheerleaders look familiar to me

there's me holding the flag in the air
and my sisters and daughters rooting him on
and my mom closest to him in the photo

all hail USC

go richard go!

richard richard
he's our man
if he can't do it
no one can!

definitely our hero

and a photo from last year's birthday celebration

and this says it all

you are my hero
and i love you

i am looking forward to many more years of memories
and special times spent with you!


Terri Brush said...

Rochelle this post is AMAZING!! my gosh it made me cry.. I had a metlt down last night about missing my parents so much .... you are such a lucky family to still get to enjoy you dad!!.. and i LOVEEEEE LOVEEEE what you made him that house is amazing..

Sandy Michelle said...

Girl you rock! I LOVE everything you made for your Dad! Happy belated birthday to you Handsome Dad!

Sandy xox

Made In The South said...

What a great post honoring your dad. I love the picture of his first car. I took pictures of my kids with their first car, they thought it was silly. I told them one day they will show their kids and laugh.
Your gift was so creative. I have the hardest time finding things for my dad too.
I am so glad you followed me to my new blog. I hope my future post will inspire and entertain you.LOL

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Rochelle, This is such a wonderful post about your dad and I have some tears in my eyes. Your gift was awesome and so thoughtful.