Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lineage of Love

I was asked to make a special bracelet recently

a bracelet that reflects a lineage of motherly love

each link representing a generation of strong women

love handed down from one to the next

great-grandmother - grandmother

mother - daughter

thank you Sandy

for letting me make this for you

may it be a special keepsake for you


natalea said...

this is so wonderful! sandy didn't tell me about this! what a sweet and special piece...she'll treasure it!
happy February! xo natalea

Sandy Michelle said...

I LOVE my bracelet and shall cherish it always! Thanks girl!!

Sandy xox

**Nat I was going to show you this weekend!

Suzi said...

It is beautiful!

Holly Loves Art said...

This is such a special piece to be treasured forever. Lovely work!