Thursday, April 22, 2010

Contemplating Motherhood

Poor Lola...these days it takes all she's got to jump up onto a sofa, a bed, or someone's lap 
due to the shape she's in. She is in the "mothering" way right now and still has another two weeks 
before delivering her puppy brood. 

Poor I dare tell her that this is the "easy" part of motherhood? 
The time that she has to just lay around and relax? 

The time in her life where she can just eat and eat and eat and not be bothered by it - because 
as we all know the pounds are much harder to get off "after" the baby arrives! 

Should I also let her know that all this free time she is enjoying now will no longer
 be a part of her life once the puppies arrive? 

That all her attention will be not on herself but on her

No...I don't think I'll tell her - it will spoil her day!


City Girl Country Heart said...

Ahh, she looks so sad :(
Good Luck with her, she will be a good momma !! said...

I know that look in her eye! Twinks was worn out like that before her babies came too. I felt so bad for her. But she LOVES the pups and is so happy now.

How big is Lola? Twinkle is a larger Yorkie, about 9 lbs, but we bred her with a small male.

Good luck!