Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From Dreary to Cheery and a Growing Mama

Today while I was watching the rain fall down outside (as if there is any day that it is NOT 
raining here) I was thinking that my kitchen needed some "cheering" up on this dreary day. So, out 
came my fabric box full of some vintage fabrics, tablecloths, and trims. We all know that it had to be RED and it was a given that there would be pom pom fringe on it! 

So...this is what I sewed up today...a table full of red happiness just for me!

I just love these red polka dots!

And, once I tire of looking at red spots I can turn it over for a different look - 
a vintage tablecloth fabric with red poppy's and some white daisies. 

It's amazing what makes me happy these days - simple things - the color red - and polka dots!

And an update on the mama of the house - she is definitely getting bigger by the day...she is even more tired than she normally is...and now has to be carried upstairs or lifted up onto one's lap...

I can hardly wait until she delivers her pups - and I'm sure she can't wait either!

Poor little (big) Lola!


jen said...

OH look at sweet LOLA! I just helped my niece through her first litter os Dachshunds over the phone. So exciting I can hardly wait to see the precious pups! Your etsy shop is fabulous! you have really been busy!
luvs and glitter
~jen said...

Keep us updated!!