Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fresh Photos

had some fresh fallen snow last night

perfect opportunity for these fresh outdoor photos

on this lovely antique velvet pillow couch

thanks becca and martin for being my photo subjects

and thanks for taking the photos of me!


Holly Loves Art said...

OH Wow! These are such fun pictures! I love the contrast of the white snow and the couch and the happy people! So darn cute. Thanks for sharing.

Holly Loves Art said...

PS - by the way... you look beautiful!

jen said...

You are always so fabulous. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and having a great new year! Love all your posts I missed the last few months your shows looked amazing!

luvs and glitter

Sandy Michelle said...

You look fabulous on that velvet couch!! How cool! I just got the bracelet in the mail and it's gorgeous! Thanks also for the lovely extras!!! You rock!

Sandy xox