Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a little "tiffany" necklace

i have just returned from an event
hosted by the ever fabulous hostess kim caldwell

was truly a wonderland of everything tiffany blue and audrey hepburn
my eyes seem to still have a tiffany blue filter on them
as they viewed this color for four days and now it seems it is here to stay!

i was a hostess for one of the many swaps that you were able to sign up for
mine was "a charming tiffany necklace"
my swap had 20 participants and they all submitted 20 of the same charms to me
to assemble on these necklaces

each participants charms were different
and all had the tiffany blue theme

here are some sneak peeks of the packaging and the necklace when finally assembled

the charm i supplied was the main one in the middle of all the other fabulous charms

i want to thank all the ladies for their artwork for this piece
and here's hoping that this necklace will be a sweet reminder of all the fun that was had
by all of us at "an affaire at tiffany's"

xo to all of you
alicia, andrea, anna, cheryl m, cheryl s, christina, cynthia, holly, joy, 
lauren, laurie, leslee, lori, rita, robin, suzette, sylvia, tashia, terry


Laurie said...

wow, oh wow...

Robin Sanchez said...

I just LOVE my necklace. Thanks for hosting this swap I know how much work it is as I did a similar one last year. Im so sad the event had to was SO much fun.

stephanie said...

Just gorgeous!

stephanie said...
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