Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a special crown

a special crown
for a special lady
who just happens to be a ballerina

i loved creating this for her
for a tiara swap i signed up for

this tiara swap was hosted by denise hahn
and we were all assigned partners to create a tiara for
and a partner to receive a tiara from

i was to make a crown for molly of fleur de bee

of course it was created in the lovely tiffany blue color
and had many elements that molly loved
most of all bling

and of course there had to be a ballerina...

i love the way the sweet ballerina cake topper turned out once she was all glittered up 
and a fancy tulle tutu was made for her

a vintage tin jello/cake mold was used to showcase the tiny dancer
and some german glass glitter was added

hope you enjoy your royal tiara molly
wear it with ballerina pride!

1 comment:

Sandy Michelle said...

What a STUNNING crown! LUCKY recipient!!!

Sandy xox