Thursday, May 10, 2012

tiffany's vendor night

affaire at tiffany's in manhattan beach, ca
started off with a vendor night
and a night for all the women attendees
to dress up in "audrey" attire

here are a few photos of my table
(the first two photos are ones I took)

we were given a six foot round table to showcase our items
a round table is very challenging to set up
but i think it all came out okay in the end

these next photos are courtesy of my uber talented friend and photographer
she has so much talent at her fingertips when she snaps that camera trigger!

my other uber talented friend and artist
look at this dress she made and painted for dress up night
she is goin' places i tell ya

i'm putting on one of my necklaces on her
so she can be a walking saleswoman for me!

so cool...

my "jolie" cage doll i made to hang my one of a kind necklaces from

happy customers

thank you to everyone who supported my table on vendor night
it was a treat meeting you and i hope you enjoy your "lola" jewels!

and, thank you to kim caldwell for giving me the opportunity to be a vendor
and this fantastic art retreat weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love your table, you and Christina look MaRvElOuS! Great designs :)

kecia deveney said...

i wish i had spent more time looking at your wares and i should have left with a rochelle treasure, darn it!


Vintage Home said...


Charlene said...

I didn't even notice Christina's dress until looking at photos! OMG that was amazing! I LOVED your table & all your goodies. It so rocked finally getting to meet you in person!!! Hope to see you next year. HUGS! Charlene

Unknown said...

Wow your table looked amazing and I especially love the doll above the display!

Sandy xox

robin dudley-howes said...

Your table and wares look amazing. I was vending there too and like Kecia I wish I could have looked more!