Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunshine Is Here!!!

The sunshine is here in our little town of Chilliwack! Yah!! Boy, it went from being rainy and cold straight to a heat wave (for us in the cold north) of 90 degree weather. Our pasty white skin bodies don't know what to do in this kind of heat. Burn baby burn is what happens when you spend eight hours times 3 days working in your neglected gardens. So, as I type this post my body is screaming out for some cool aloe vera gel and crying because it knows it is going right back out tomorrow to finish what it has started. So, by tomorrow night all of the flower beds, containers, and any other item that contains flowers, will be singing a sweet song because they finally look so beautiful and cute. Thanks to my two lovely daughters who helped and also one of their friends who spent the night and was so lucky to be able to weed and tan at the same time! You rock girls! I just wish I would've taken some pictures of the three of you scrunched over in your bikini tops pulling weeds with an occasional screech when one of you found a spider, worm, centipede, or other "garden creature". There's still tomorrow!

Look at the little angels weeding the remainder of the front yard....

A garden bed in the front yard....
Another thing that I have to tackle tomorrow is the very, very, slimy pond that I have in an antique bathtub in our front yard. I had never cleaned it out from last summer and who knows what is lurking in the depths of that tub. It certainly looks gross as you can see from the picture below. Once it is clean though it will be the focal point of the front yard once again.
Yucky, slimy mess.....
Now, looking at the backyard I see that I am going to also have to repair the hammock. I guess it has spent too many summers and winters in the elements and it is now showing it's age. A trip to the local fabric store to get some outdoor fabric that will withstand the heat and rain and it will look new again. I'm just waiting for someone to hop on it and have it rip right in half underneath them. I'm hoping to just cover over the existing fabric - hopefully that will do. Boy, this list just goes on and on.

Come into my backyard......

Next weekend the daughters and I are flying to California to see one of my nephews graduate from high school. It will be a time to catch up with some relatives and to catch some California rays! Also, Gilroy has the greatest outlets in town and you better believe we will be doing some damage there!

I hope the sun is shining where you are and that you get out and enjoy it!

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Stephanie said...

I LOVE your blog... thanks for coming by to visit mine :)
I will be back for sure!
The weather does seems similiar to yours, altho- I wish it would make up its mind and stay warm !!

Have a great week,