Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yeah!! I Have My Life Back...

Yes! The tilers have finished all three rooms and I have my life and my house back! There's something about having strangers in your home while you are there - an uncomfortable feeling, feeling like you can't do anything while they are there, always underfoot. I am so glad I can wake up when I want to, wear my pajamas around in the morning, and not have to hurry to throw some clothes on before they arrive to work on the floors. I has been three weeks since they started and it seems like forever. I am pleased with the way the floors turned out. I can't show you right now what they look like because the house is a mess and it has to be cleaned up before I can do the photo shoot. But I promise to get some pictures posted sometime next week before I head to Oregon for a long/short weekend getaway.

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miss gracies house said...

Thanks for the visit~It is always such a good feeling to have a job completed, isn't it? Have a wonderful trip to Oregon.
Happy Mother's day!