Friday, July 4, 2008

Back At Home

Well, I am finally back at home after being away for two weeks. Things haven't changed here and sorry to say that the laundry, dishes, and cleaning still awaited me at home. So, after unpacking my luggage and starting the endless loads of laundry, I set out to find places for my newly purchased finds from Oregon. I am shifting a lot of different things around in my house to accommodate room for the "new" items. I am loving the tall black ladder that I got with the deep shelves to hold my quilt collection. 

I also washed all of the red transferware items and will now have to purchase some plates holders so that I can hang them on the dining room wall. I am going to have to think real hard on how to configure them in a pattern that won't look too busy. Once I have everything up on the walls I will post a picture.

The last day I was in Oregon, my mom, sis, and daughter and I took a drive into Albany to have lunch at "Loafers" and went into a few antique stores there. I wasn't really looking for anything else, but when I saw this bouncy chair in white for $20 I just had to have it. It looks so cute with this quilt thrown over the back of it on my front deck of the house. 

I just love bouncy chairs from the past because they are so mesmerizing when you are sitting in them and bouncing!

And remember that old slimy, dirty pond that had to be cleaned out before I could spruce it up? Well, take a look at it now! It is sporty brand new plants and a turtle with a soothing water sound. It is so nice to sit on the front porch swing and listen to the trickle of the water. I didn't have much hope for it in its previous state, but now I know that anything is possible with a little elbow grease!

I guess it must have been really hot in BC while I was gone because my other daughter (who was suppose to water ALL my hanging baskets) forgot to water the baskets of flowers hanging from the garage. Needless to say they are past the point of recovery and today I went to our local nursery and purchased two more to replace the sad, sad, dried up blooms of the others. But, since coming home all it has been doing has been raining! Still very muggy, but rain none the least. I hope that I will be able to get out into the yard this coming weekend to dead-head a lot of the plants and also to pressure wash both the front porch and back deck. Once this is done I can set out to decorate and hang the new porch swing I got for my birthday.

It was also time for the "summer time" haircut, so here I am with my new short trusses! At least I won't be sweatin' in the sun doing yard work!

Bye Bye for now! Hope you are enjoying your summer!