Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bittersweet Ending

this friday and saturday mark the end of a five year ride 
for this little girl - oh, i mean "young lady"

who knew back when she was just this little muffin of a child
that she would become a full time university student/athlete

giving up much of her free time and weekends

devoted to the sport of her choice


yes, both in-season and off-season this girl has dedicated her life
to the daily grind of working out and practicing and playing
the game of basketball

this weekend she will play her last "home" games in the gymnasium
she calls her "second" home

it is a bittersweet ending to a l....o....n....g five years
ones i'm sure she will remember forever

they hold a lot of special times
spent with special friends and teammates and coaches

yes, saturday night will be a very sad night for this girl
but the memories of the past five years will remain priceless


we have enjoyed watching the journey you have taken

may you remember these times and never take for granted all that they were

may your future hold many more special experiences to last you a lifetime

oh, and we almost forgot

mom and dad