Monday, July 16, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

better late than never
that's my motto and i'm sticking to it - ha ha ha

well, i finally made it to the party
woo hoo
thank you to karen valentine for all the hard work
she does in linking up all of our blogs and creative spaces
for everyone to take a peek at

my creative space is bursting at the seams
a 10 x 10 room is no longer "cutting" it for my jewelry business
so...this time next year i will take over a larger room in our home
and claim it as my new studio and work room

so, without further ado
here is where i create all of "lola's" goodies

the "working" corner

another corner

storage corner

and yet another storage corner

and now with the "pretties"
i love to surround myself with things that make me happy
because i spend so much time in this room
coming in here to all the pretty surroundings is divine
aqua is such a happy color
and that seems to be the theme in my space

this lovely crown made by kadee is so perfect in this room
she was my "crown" partner in a swap at kim caldwell's affaire at tiffany's event

love my marquee "r"

and a new/old aqua clock i found last month

carnival glass bowl holds all my doll heads ready to solder up for necklaces

love these girls

sweet holly made this art doll that i just had to get
to remember my trip to los angeles for kim's tiffany event

i have plans for these two!

this reminds me every day
of the passion i am living and creating
right in my own home

an art lampshade i put together

grace created this beauty in a swap i was in with her - love it!

having glass jars hold most of my supplies helps when 
i am searching for components to add to my jewelry pieces

see what i mean?
"happy place"

organization is the key to happiness

a lampshade from a class that kecia taught at the tiffany event
it sits here to remind me that it needs to be finished!

vintage jewelry boxes are the perfect storage for all those little components

i love my glass door cupboard
it hold many glass jars filled with odds and ends
beads and baubles

and i even found an aqua colored fan

thank you for stopping by my studio
to see what i create here
you can visit my website

and to see all the other amazing creative spaces

see you next year in my new BIGGER space!!