Sunday, November 27, 2011

Every Breath I Take...

while out shopping at an antique store in oregon last year
i was shuffling through some old sheet music
(i am always looking to add to my collection)

my fingers stopped shuffling as i read the title to one of the songs
"with every breath i take"
i knew i had to purchase this music as it had meaning to me

my husband had recently sent me some text messages
that said this exact phrase

so, for my husband's 50th birthday
i knew i had to create something special with this music sheet

this is what i came up with...

i took my favorite photo of our wedding day and soldered it into a glass frame
with some vintage lace, silk flowers and of course rhinestones
added the word love to a decorative piece and soldered it to the frame

if this piece was to hang in our home, of course the color scheme had to be RED

an old hardware piece with some vintage typewriter keys that spell "xo"

someone had given me some old upholstery fabric scraps in red
so i used these with some burlap for the main piece

a vintage flower from an antique hat i found plus some vintage velvet leaves

love these old dry cleaner wood hangers

i scanned the sheet music and then printed it on some cotton muslin that i aged in instant coffee
some vintage buttons were used to frame the border

i also scanned an old card he gave me with some roses and printed it out as well
i used vintage buttons and a heart charm to frame it

i love the key i found to add to the bottom of the frame
i has a heart cutout perfect for this project


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

as I was about to haul all of the christmas decorations
up from the basement today
I realized that I never took any pictures of the 
fall decor in our home

nothing says happy more than the color orange

and some pumpkin love

I will be thinking of all my U.S. friends and family today preparing their turkey feasts

while I put all of these lovelies away until next year...

ride em' tom!

and I also thought I'd put a little bit of creepy doll head art in for good measure!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Plucky Maidens - The Holiday Event

getting super excited for this event
i've been super busy in the studio creating new pretties
so that my booth will be stocked just like santa's workshop

i will have a lot of my usual "stock"
but also some one of a kind items
as well as some new pieces making their first appearance at this show

if you are going to be in the portland area i would love to see you
come by my booth and say hi
and do some christmas shopping while you're at it!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Suitcase and Puppy Love

i was looking through my photos this morning
and came across these from last year

back when Lola's puppies were very little
and adorable....and cute...cute...cute

this is an old suitcase that i turned into a dog bed
(since finding one in a pet store to "match" my vintage look
in my home was out of the question)

a picture taken with Lola right after i made the cushion
notice the pristine condition of the suitcase

little "buddy" posing in the bed
notice the condition of the suitcase now
after the puppies used it as a chew toy

but how could i get mad
after looking at a picture like this
too cute