Thursday, May 24, 2012

a new workshop

click on the photo below
to see where you can learn to make this

romantic vintage heart necklace...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

spring is showing up

spring is finally showing up

this wisteria has taken three years to finally have enough blooms worthy of a photo

i just love this vine

it speaks true romance to me

Friday, May 11, 2012

the swaps at tiffany's

 the swaps
oh my...they were divine

from vintage embellished compact cases
paper dolls
embellished jewelry boxes filled with wonderful supplies and bling
fancied up dress forms
altered bags
the list goes on...
all with the audrey theme in mind

the swap i hosted was the
"charming" tiffany necklace

again, these lovely photos are courtesy of

my necklaces all packaged up and pretty...

each swap lady provided twenty of the same charm
so i could put them all on twenty necklaces
(that's 400 jump rings people!)

the necklace...

here's joy opening up her box...

and lori admiring everyone's work...

the oh so cute holly showing us the masterpiece...

you girls are gonna rock your necklaces!

tashia looks excited about hers...

and the whole group of us modeling our necklaces...

the only other swap i signed up for was the tiara swap
i knew not to get overwhelmed and sign up for lots
because i knew i would be busy getting my jewelry ready

here is my tiara partner molly
in this swap we made a tiara for someone
and received a tiara from someone else

i knew molly was a ballerina
so that was the inspiration for her tiara

fit for a ballerina!

i received my beautiful tiara from kadee
it is oh so lovely in the shades of aqua blue that i love so much
the color of my studio - my happy place

thank you kadee for my fabulous tiara
i think i'm going to prance around my house every day with it on!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

tiffany's vendor night

affaire at tiffany's in manhattan beach, ca
started off with a vendor night
and a night for all the women attendees
to dress up in "audrey" attire

here are a few photos of my table
(the first two photos are ones I took)

we were given a six foot round table to showcase our items
a round table is very challenging to set up
but i think it all came out okay in the end

these next photos are courtesy of my uber talented friend and photographer
she has so much talent at her fingertips when she snaps that camera trigger!

my other uber talented friend and artist
look at this dress she made and painted for dress up night
she is goin' places i tell ya

i'm putting on one of my necklaces on her
so she can be a walking saleswoman for me!

so cool...

my "jolie" cage doll i made to hang my one of a kind necklaces from

happy customers

thank you to everyone who supported my table on vendor night
it was a treat meeting you and i hope you enjoy your "lola" jewels!

and, thank you to kim caldwell for giving me the opportunity to be a vendor
and this fantastic art retreat weekend!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a special crown

a special crown
for a special lady
who just happens to be a ballerina

i loved creating this for her
for a tiara swap i signed up for

this tiara swap was hosted by denise hahn
and we were all assigned partners to create a tiara for
and a partner to receive a tiara from

i was to make a crown for molly of fleur de bee

of course it was created in the lovely tiffany blue color
and had many elements that molly loved
most of all bling

and of course there had to be a ballerina...

i love the way the sweet ballerina cake topper turned out once she was all glittered up 
and a fancy tulle tutu was made for her

a vintage tin jello/cake mold was used to showcase the tiny dancer
and some german glass glitter was added

hope you enjoy your royal tiara molly
wear it with ballerina pride!

a little "tiffany" necklace

i have just returned from an event
hosted by the ever fabulous hostess kim caldwell

was truly a wonderland of everything tiffany blue and audrey hepburn
my eyes seem to still have a tiffany blue filter on them
as they viewed this color for four days and now it seems it is here to stay!

i was a hostess for one of the many swaps that you were able to sign up for
mine was "a charming tiffany necklace"
my swap had 20 participants and they all submitted 20 of the same charms to me
to assemble on these necklaces

each participants charms were different
and all had the tiffany blue theme

here are some sneak peeks of the packaging and the necklace when finally assembled

the charm i supplied was the main one in the middle of all the other fabulous charms

i want to thank all the ladies for their artwork for this piece
and here's hoping that this necklace will be a sweet reminder of all the fun that was had
by all of us at "an affaire at tiffany's"

xo to all of you
alicia, andrea, anna, cheryl m, cheryl s, christina, cynthia, holly, joy, 
lauren, laurie, leslee, lori, rita, robin, suzette, sylvia, tashia, terry