Thursday, June 24, 2010

that would be the puppy of course!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sleepy "Buddy"

caught this little cutie all snuggled up inside the doggie bed
away from all his other siblings
trying to catch a snooze...

awe are a cutie patootie!



today's date - minus 48 years

my birthday

a date that I will have for the rest of my life

a date that defines me and others born on this day

and as I am approaching that big "50" in a few years, I began to reminisce about the old days
you know, the days when your life was carefree and someone else took care of you
days when all you had to do was get up, get dressed, eat and play
the days of my youth

so happy and content we must have been as wee little ones
having a mommy and daddy to take care of us
and not a care in the world

growing up in a nurturing home really makes a difference on how we as children
grow up to be the men and women that we are today

and believing in Santa Claus made our Christmases each year come to life

having siblings helped us to learn the skills of sharing, caring, and arguing

having a special toy taught us to love and care for someone

taking time to smell the flowers showed us the simple things in life

and at a young age we are taught the importance of being "stylish"

and I'll have you know the pixie haircut was very "in" back then too
as you can see in all these photos of me

in fact, the pixie haircut was "in" for all the children in this family

going to grandma's house for Christmas happened every year

as well as the portrait taken next to her Christmas tree in the formal living room

then there were those good ol' summer vacations that were spent exploring new sights
and always wearing our cool digs

our life as children chronicled in the photos taken at different stages of our lives

and there were many portraits taken of us

and here come the school photos
so young and innocent

I think I was trying to go for the "twiggy" look here
but couldn't quite pull it off

then the milestone of graduation
this is when things change - this is when we get serious about life
who do we want to be? - what do we want to do in life? - what does our future hold for us?

little did we know that our destinies were already planned out for us

known before we knew ourselves

and while we may have been walking down a certain road not knowing where it would lead
our master planner of our lives already knew

He let us have our "growing" room

room to spread our wings and become individuals
experiencing life and all it has to give us
but still - He had a plan for us

He, the one who loves us unconditionally
had a plan just for us

and when things happen that change your life in a blink of an eye
He already knew that "change" was going to happen

And He knew of our future and what it held for us
and the many roads that we would walk down
and the many side paths we would take
that would lead us to where we are right now

He was there all along walking right beside me - guiding me - loving me
and I should know after all these years of being taken care of

that I do not have a thing to worry about as I approach 50 or 60 or 70

for right beside me will be my Father watching over me

walking beside me while I take this future journey

a journey that has already been laid out before me

a journey that will lead me down the road

on the path of my life

full of surprises

full of wonder

full of twists and turns

A life that is FULL

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Five Weeks

Photo shoot at five weeks

Here are the boys
Sweet little Buddy

And here's Leroy
A really good eater

And here are the girls
Our little girl Bella

A side profile
She's wearing some bling

And here's Ginger
Another one who loves her food

And here she is wearing her jewels
If you are interested in any of the adorable puppies, contact me
They won't last long!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where I Create

Welcome...come on in! But, I must warn might want to grab a coffee, 
tea, or something that makes you feel comfy because you are gonna need it...

When I decided to participate in Karen's Where Bloggers Create II,
I didn't realize the organizing that I had to do in my space...
you would think it wouldn't take too long to get into shape
being that it is the smallest room in this house
but it has the most stuff in it than any other room

We will start in this corner which houses this great cabinet I found on Craigslist for a steal
It holds vintage glass jars (also a steal at a Goodwill store - 12 for $1!!)
A lot of my favorite aqua trinkets and statues are also here

Moving right along we have my counter space where I create everything
My new swivel chair from Ikea makes all the difference when I spend hours here
Everything at my fingertips - this is a must when there is chaos all around!

And to the right we have more shelving with paper storage
More glass jars filled with ribbons and flowers
Inspiration boards and a covered tower of storage bins

And this corner is the cleanest...
I gotta work on getting something up in 
this corner so it doesn't feel left out!

Would you believe that this dresser was mine throughout my childhood?
I just recently gave it a fresh coat of turquoise paint and painted the hardware white
It used to be a rust color - not a cohesive color with my room!

More storage...

And more...

And I love this cabinet I got many years ago before my love of turquoise

All my pretties laid out before me so I can sit and stare at them while I work

You can never have enough vintage jewelry boxes
They are so handy as storage boxes

A sweet german doll head

And another I added as altered art to an iron dress form

More heads just waiting for their purpose in life

I am lucky to have my baby bracelet that I was sent home from the hospital with

A cute pincushion

A reminder to me...dream your dreams...

An old cupie figurine

A recently purchased art apron from Holly at Holly Loves Art
I can't wait till I have a chance to wear it other than at home

It helps so much having all my supplies in glass jars
Easy to see at a glance what I need

You can never have enough storage...

Where everything happens...

My bead storage at my fingertips...

green, purple and blues

pink, brown and whites

black, red and silvers

Waiting for creating

So many possibilities

Watch faces and typewriter keys

Are you still with me??
Do you need another cuppa coffee??
I'll wait....go ahead...

Loving all this organized prettiness




And in the bottom drawer - ribbon - lots of ribbon

There's even a sleeping beauty

More turquoise love

Alice in Wonderland tag swap that Karla's Cottage hosted



And photos that make me happy

Things that are a must when creating

Waiting to be soldered

Another storage option - vintage altered suitcases from the lovely Jane's Apron

Fun colors

And look at this find I got a couple of weeks ago
An area rug where my little doggies can lay down and keep 
me company while I work

It is the perfect match for these curtains!

See what I mean - at a glance

And I am loving all of the storage that this dresser provides
And when the drawers are closed, I see no clutter!

An old vintage birdcage becomes ribbon storage

A pretty aqua powder puff jar that has never been opened

Another altered tin with one of my german gals

And, times up!
Are you still awake??
I want to thank you for stopping by and enduring all these photos
And I also want to thank Karen for hosting this blog party
If you want to see more pretty spaces of others and where they create
Head over HERE