Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall is Here

it's time
we can't deny it
the time when the crispness of the air outside lets us know it is fall
a time to nest
time to enjoy our families
time to enjoy the simple home life
enjoying our nights cozied up by the fireplace
snuggled up under a nice warm quilt enjoying the book we never got to read this summer
 and having an excuse to try all those fall lattes that Starbucks has to offer this time of year

it is the start of the "cold" seasons
we are told to expect a much colder and longer winter this year
oh boy

I guess I shouldn't expect anything less living in a northern country
but sometimes I just ache for that California warmth

on my iphone I have my old town of Gilroy listed on my weather page
today I happened to look at it and they are having weather in the high 80's - 90's

I must love my husband very much
to leave my homeland of the ever abundant sunshine
to a country that mostly gives liquid sunshine

but one thing that liquid sunshine provides
is time to spend inside in my little room of happiness
creating fun things to share

yes, fall is here
and with it I bring to you some fall themed aprons
they will be listed on my etsy store very soon

if you are interested in donning one of these pretties
visit me here

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This Is What Happens.....

when you go visit your parents for over a week

and all the surrounding cities are having antique in the street sales

you go a little crazy on your shopping sprees...

I call it "I live in Canada where there are no deals on vintage or antique items 
so I am allowed to go crazy when I do visit the USA"

and you know what

I will probably do it again!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oregon So Far

Well, my visit to Oregon started off really great
a semi-annual trip to our favorite place in Salem to celebrate a late birthday for mom at the kondidorei
they have THE MOST scrumptious cakes and desserts to choose from
the lemon cheesecake I chose that day was TO DIE FOR GOOD

my sister modeling the purple crown I made for her for her birthday

and mom wanted to get "in" on the picture action - she chose the strawberry cake

next day was a boating trip to green peter lake
it wasn't the sunniest of days
but we still had a great time on the water

our pilot Melissa maneuvering the boat across the lake

when I say it wasn't the sunniest of days
what I really meant was "it was darn cold"

maybe that's why on labor day there wasn't too many boats on the water
it was great for the wake boarders in the family
my brother-in-law showing off his moves
"upside down Andy"

sideways Andy

then it was my sisters turn on her wake board
love the logo on her life jacket

she claimed that the lake water was warmer than the air
hmmm....maybe I should've gone swimmin'...NOT!

and have you ever seen anything like this on a lake before?

well I was so glad that I did
cause when nature calls, and you are on a bumpy ride on a boat
this spells relief!

and then there is this little man....

while we were on the boat for the day
he decided to snack on some kleenex
thus producing a very sick puppy the next day
sending us to the local veterinarian for TWO whole days
for x-rays, blood tests, etc.
$300 later he is doing fine
but it has cut into my "buying" trip at all the antique sales here in Oregon
but, he is worth it and now we watch him like a hawk!
just the other day I saw him chewing on something and it was a quarter!
like I said.....watching him like a hawk!

Today I enjoyed a day antiquing in Coburg where they have over 300+
antique vendors lining the downtown streets
it was a nice sunny day and we found some treasures to bring home
their booths were to die for gorgeous!
Also visited with Martha of Vintage Trifles and got a great 
vintage bride and groom cake topper from her
Joy of A Day in the Life was also there, but we missed her - her hubby 
was manning the booth when we stopped by

Yesterday my mom and I spent the afternoon in downtown Albany
where they had their annual "antiques in the street"
there were many "deals" there and I found lots to load up my basket
now I just need to get crackin' on making stuff for the sale I'm in coming up soon!
Ran into Joy there and said a quick "hi" as she was busy with customers!

I will be bringing lots home and I need to get creative on how to pack everything into my vehicle!
Stay tuned for some pictures of my "finds"