Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Day at the Lake....in my Backyard

so...as I was saying in my last post, I have not been able to venture far from home...
since puppies have taken over my life I have had to be very creative in providing myself
some sense of a summer time getaway-vacation-recluse-escape-"me" time during these hot days

so, take a close look...
1 kiddie pool
add clean fresh cool water
1 low to the ground beach lounger

add all of the favorite summer time reading a girl could want
add iphone (to receive those calls of people wanting to buy a puppy!)

and here you have my backyard lake getaway
a place to beat the heat of these past few days
an inventive way of fooling myself into thinking I am actually 
cooling my feet in the frigid waters of the lake and taking in the scenery of the mountains around me

hah hah hah
the only thing I am thinking is I hope no one just "drops by"
and finds me in this tub of water and has a spare camera and uses it to snag a picture of me
that they then post on their facebook or blog for all the world to see

that would not be "a good thing"
it would not be listed in the Martha Stewart pages of "good things"
it would be listed in the comic pages of the newspaper!

but at least it has been a sanctuary for me these past few days
it has helped cool off this girls daily life
in the throws of puppy day care

oh...it also helps if you have a footstool 
to put up those weary legs from chasing the pups!

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Riki Schumacher said...

HI Rochelle, thanks for stopping by and seeing Maddie! I can sooooo relate to your "lake"! Wow, I totally forgot what a commitment it is to have a new little one. Yes, she is a fabulous match for us. I'm so glad you got you others placed in wonderful homes. It would be so hard to see them go. I can't believe how fast little Maddie is growing up, right before our eyes. She is in to the "terrible twos" already! I see some serious training in the near future! Take care Rochelle, Riki