Friday, December 23, 2011

A Peek Of Christmas At My House....

such a busy time of the year
for all of us "moms" out there
we wear different hats the month of december

a "cook's" hat
 a "decorator's" hat
a "baker's" hat

also included would be the super shopper hat
and mindreader (cause we're suppose to know what everyone wants for christmas)

oh....and don't forget housekeeper
cause we all make sure our homes are spic and span for the holidays

and then there would be the "wrapper"
and where are all those gift-wrapping set ups they used to have available in the mall?
by not having them they've added another thing to my list!

well, i'm glad i had a head start on some things
other things, well, they will all get done in their own time
tomorrow is another day
only one more day till christmas

are you ready??

i'll leave you with a few photos from my home....
merry christmas eve!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Eeeek I love how you filled your hutch with red and white vintage Christmas decor!!