Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stories That Photographs Tell

today was a day that i needed to gather up some vintage photos
to use in some vintage pocket watch pendants
that i was going to create

i was searching on pinterest and the internet
when i finally decided to just go into my own iphoto collection
and use some of the many images that i have of my grandmother's family

many of these photos are of her as a child
here she is with her mother, father and brother

i have used this one of her in many of my pieces
i just love her expression

another favorite of mine is this one of her and my grandfather
i just love the way she is looking at him

another one of the two of them

i love this wedding photo
i have it on display in my home
i believe my grandma was a flower girl (she is on the far right)

a picture of her parents 
a very stoic looking pose

my grandma and her brother
probably her confirmation day

a day in the snow

this must have been some sort of dance troupe she was in
she is the second from the right

i love this photo of her with her parents

her and some "beau"??

another one of her with her younger brother

love this coat and hat she had

another one in the snow

she had the poses down

this one is so great 
three of her closest friends - all decked out in their hats

each of these photographs tell a story
so many memories held in one image

do you have any special family photos that you would like put into a keepsake?
i just added a new listing in my etsy shoppe with this option

perhaps you will be the next person to have a custom piece
with your own special photo put inside!

here are a couple of examples:


robin bird said...

these are wonderful photos and each one seems to tell a world of stories. i know you will make stunning aart with the ones you choose. i love the wedding photo best!

Charlene said...

LOVE Grandma as a little one! Aren't we lucky girls to have had them in our lives. I miss mine sooooo. Were your ears burning last weekend? Joy Campbell & I talked about how we couldn't wait for us all to be together at Affaire at Tiffany's. HUGS!Charlene