Friday, May 11, 2012

the swaps at tiffany's

 the swaps
oh my...they were divine

from vintage embellished compact cases
paper dolls
embellished jewelry boxes filled with wonderful supplies and bling
fancied up dress forms
altered bags
the list goes on...
all with the audrey theme in mind

the swap i hosted was the
"charming" tiffany necklace

again, these lovely photos are courtesy of

my necklaces all packaged up and pretty...

each swap lady provided twenty of the same charm
so i could put them all on twenty necklaces
(that's 400 jump rings people!)

the necklace...

here's joy opening up her box...

and lori admiring everyone's work...

the oh so cute holly showing us the masterpiece...

you girls are gonna rock your necklaces!

tashia looks excited about hers...

and the whole group of us modeling our necklaces...

the only other swap i signed up for was the tiara swap
i knew not to get overwhelmed and sign up for lots
because i knew i would be busy getting my jewelry ready

here is my tiara partner molly
in this swap we made a tiara for someone
and received a tiara from someone else

i knew molly was a ballerina
so that was the inspiration for her tiara

fit for a ballerina!

i received my beautiful tiara from kadee
it is oh so lovely in the shades of aqua blue that i love so much
the color of my studio - my happy place

thank you kadee for my fabulous tiara
i think i'm going to prance around my house every day with it on!


Unknown said...

Such a beautiful swap were the necklaces!!!!! Every swap was divine but there was something amazing about the having a little piece of everyone! I so enjoyed meeting you! Looking forward to future artful times with you!!! xo

Karen Hillman

Miss Gracie's House said...

wow...this all looks just fabulous! I bet you had SO much fun...your tiara is darling...both the one you made and the one you get to wear:)
Have a great day!

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Rochelle!
Those swaps were amazing. I absolutely love love love my necklace. Thank you so much for taking all the love and care that you did to put everything together. I know it was a lot of work. Everyone was so happy. I hope you're doing well and getting settled back into "real life." So happy we finally got to meet in person.
Big hugs,

Natalie Kelley said...

I love your blog! I live in Wisconsin and make soldered charms - not nearly as beautiful as yours. How do you get the raised bumps around your charms? I love that technique.