Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another Trip to Los Angeles

i took another trip to los angeles the beginning of september
i travelled south again with my "lola" jewelry
this time because "lola" jewelry was going to be part of an emmy party

i was asked if i wanted my jewelry in some swag bags
and also to hand out to celebrities

didn't take long for me to respond "yes"!

my trip started with a visit to the restaurant "bottega louie"
what an experience - all in white

this was my lunch
it was delicious

the lovely ladies

and now for the dessert...


so many flavors to choose from

what is a girl to do?

should i buy the box of 40 for $90?
i think not - even though i was considering it!

instead i enjoyed the box of 13
and yes, i did eat ALL OF THEM!

spent a few hours in the fashion district as well
saw this adorable pooch

then it was on to our hotel in santa monica

it was incredible and very hip
look at these piranha fish on the wall in the lobby
as well as the very swanky seating

close-up of fish

and if you happen to feel sleepy
there is a place to lay your head down in the lobby as well
i would opt for the cushioned bed versus the non-comfy wooden chairs

but look at the amazing view from my room
how i miss this weather....

up next - the emmy party


Grace said...

How Exciting! What fabulous pictures the macaroons look so bright and cheery, I am sure they were yummy. Grace xoox

Charlene said...

YOU know how to party!!! I adored your colors for your BOX of 13!!! Congrats on being in the Emmy Party goings on. HUGS!