Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In Toronto

Well, the first leg of the trip has passed....I have made it to Toronto airport feeling a little refreshed as I had a good nap on the flight. Now just a 2 hour layover and then just another 9 hours on another plane! I am going to try and sleep as much as possible so that I can survive the first day there without feeling tired. I don't know what my son has planned for the day....hopefully nothing that is too far of walking distance. I plan to get to my hotel, shower, change clothes and be on our way to sightseeing. Maybe not the Vatican the first day....maybe the colliseum ruins and some churches..maybe some shopping!

I am feeling that I may have packed too much stuff in my carry-ons because my shoulders are hurtin' now. I never got the "pack light" thing to a science!

See ya in Rome!

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Anonymous said...

You made it back Girl!!!!
Cool blog... you are so dedicated man! Oh my gawd I laughed at the picture of Milliande and the plum. I can't believe the trip is over... so much anticipation and that's it! We'll definitely have to (although we have to do nothing....), take a workshop together in the States. Maybe in the spring? It was so great meeting you - I really felt that my vacation would not have been nearly the same if we 3 had not hooked up. Thanks for a great trip!
Talk soon, Christina