Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Day At The Lake

A couple of weekends ago we spent the day at the lake with my parents and my sister and her husband. The weather forecast for the day wasn't looking good but we went anyway. Well, when we arrived there it turned out to be a great day full of sunshine and warm lake water - 75 degrees to swim in! This was a day on the lake to celebrate my mom's birthday for this year. It was a great day to be on a boat!

Andy showing off.....
Lola with the wind in her hair.....Dad taking his turn as the driver.......
Becca and Melissa having a good time tubing.......
Look at Melissa's face!!!
Becca and me enjoying the day.....Awwww......the two girls......Give me a kiss......Becca and grandma in the sunshine......Cheers!!!
I hope we have many more times to share on this boat.....it seats up to 16 people!! Maybe they can bring it up to Canada and enjoy our 60 degree lake water that is glacier fed! I don't think that them Americans would last!

Thanks Andy and Melissa for the great day!!!

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