Sunday, October 5, 2008

What I've Been Up To

For the last couple of years my living room has been bugging me. The wood shutters in the windows are pretty to look at but they do not function. Half of the slats don't open and because of the furniture placement in the room it is impossible to swing them open to allow the sunlight in. So, off to our local Home Depot to solve the problem. Once there I spied on display these blinds in exactly the type of fabric pattern that would match our room and style. I am so happy that they open from both the top and bottom for privacy. I am also so estatic that they let so much sunlight in to brighten the always dreary room. So, even on a gloomy day there is brightness here!
This is the room before......I know that the wood shutters are so nice looking and really suited the room, but it was time for a change and time to let the sun in!
Another view.....
And now with the new blinds and sun! I had also ordered some lace curtains to install as well. Yesterday I got one side done and today I will finish the other. It really adds to the window and I will post the new room once I've finished.
Here is that piano that I got on Craigs List for $50....that open space to the right above my chair will be where I will hang my chandelier that I made at the workshop in Italy - still a work in progress!
See those two sconces above the piano? They were my splurge item from an antiques market in Arezzo, Italy.
A close up view......

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