Thursday, June 11, 2009

Puyallup Here We Come!

My youngest daughter and I are going to take a road trip this Saturday to Puyallup, WA. Why you ask?? Well, since I missed the Farm Chicks sale due to daughter's graduation (couldn't miss that!), I have found another sale to go to. It is the Funky Junk Sisters Show and boy am I excited to find some treasures there. We are staying the night so hopefully we won't have to pay too much duty tax when we go home across the border.

I think a stop at the Seattle Premium Outlets could be in the works too! :)

Maybe we'll see some of you there!


Anita said...

Wouldn't that be fun to run into you there! Not sure if I'll be going, but if I do, I'll be on the lookout for sure! Happy treasure hunting!

kana said...

Hope you had fun at the junk show and congrats on your daughter's graduation!!

shabbyscraps said...

I can't believe we didn't get a picture together of us for my bulletin board!! Darn it!! It was so great to meet you and your daughter this weekend, I hope you had a great time at the show!
xoxo, Tiffany