Friday, May 7, 2010

Sewing Fiend

It all started here...with one innocent tablecloth came a myriad of projects - ones that have 
been on the back burner for so long - ones that kept calling out my name "sew me! sew me!"

So, off came the old window dressings and on with the new cheery ones! I have a dresser full 
of some old vintage tablecloths (red of course) and also many vintage hankies in the same color. I 
have been wanting to make a new valance in the kitchen that would let more light in and brighten 
up the place as well. I think it was a success - what do you think? It just screams summer to me - 
now all we need is the weather to go with it!

The other window...


Other window...

Now let's move the porch swing. Last summer I had made a really cute cushion 
cover for this swing out of an old vintage red chenille bedspread. Well, it didn't fair too well as all of
 the sun exposure finally got to the fabric and it deteriorated right before my sad - this is what it used to look like - and believe me it doesn't look like that anymore. So off I went to our local fabric store and purchased some "outdoor" fabric that doesn't fade and doesn't deteriorate into dust - and it was 50% off! No cute prints to choose from so I had to settle on a solid red and dressed it up with some vintage pillow slipcovers I made out of that tablecloth stash I was telling you about. It makes me smile just looking at them!

So sweet with the addition of some wide red ric rac!

And on the other side a cheerful cherry fabric!

And finally a red work panel that I purchased in Arezzo, Italy at an outdoor antique market 
a few years back. Had intended to sew this up many months ago but I guess it just wasn't screaming
 my name loud enough! This cushion now resides in the upstairs reading room on the iron
 daybed - it is a happy room now!

A close-up...

And on the back I used some of that red chenille bedspread - at least this one won't fall apart!

Now I can say that ALL of my sewing projects are finished!! What have you been sewing?

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jen said...

Oh Rochelle<

It is all adorable! Love the valance it is just adorable! My mom is gonna flip when I show her, she loves red too:) Sew Sew away you creative lady it all looks amazing.

luvs and glitter