Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vintage Yumminess

there is something new hanging around in my living room
something I created in my studio the other afternoon

a little bit of what I call "vintage yumminess"

full of red and white vintage Christmas gems

all decorated around a silver tinsel wreath

my oh my how this brings back memories of my childhood

when at Christmas time these cute little hugger elves would melt your heart

and the rolly polly santas were so jolly

little putz houses came a dime a dozen

and reindeer were a sign that santa was coming soon

I just can't get enough of those vintage past times

I think I should have been a housewife back in those days
then my "whole" house would be a vintage wonderland full of merry little things

I will just have to settle for looking up at my new little wreath
and let the memories put a smile on my face and warm my heart

merry little vintage Christmas to you!

1 comment:

Ella said...

I love your wreath, I recognize a few of your finds! Great colors reflecting wonderful memories~