Thursday, June 26, 2008

Enjoying Mr. Sun

Yesterday I spent the day soaking up the gorgeous sunny day that we had. There was a nice breeze so it made the time laying in the sun pleasant. I pretended that I was on a beach in Mexico just like my daughter, sister and parents are doing as I type. They were in Puerta Vallarta yesterday and today they are in Mazatlan. I wish I could say that today was a nice sunny day like yesterday, but alas we are in Oregon and it is cloudy once again. I guess it is a day to venture out antiquing again - today I think I will try my luck and head to Springfield to Ruthie B's. I have heard about this place and it's tea room, so I think Lola and I will take a look!

On Monday I spent a few hours in Spencers Alley craft and antique mall in Salem and picked up some great things. I will save the pictures for a later post, but am so excited about one of the items that I got. It is another black ladder, this one is full size and it has steps that are really wide so they can be used for shelves. I am going to display my quilts on it in the living room. I can hardly wait to get home to redecorate with all of my great finds! Then after Spencers Alley it was on to another antique store in the downtown area where I found some great red transferware, some more hummel like figurines for my mom, and some skeleton keys. A great mishap happened when I reached for a red transferware plate and caused a "domino" chain of events where all the other plates around the one I wanted started falling and crashing to the ground! The shop owner was a real nice lady and said that it wasn't my fault because this one particular booth owner had displayed the plates on these collapsible holders that she does not approve of and said that there was no way to prevent what happened. So, I did not have to pay for the broken damage I caused and we also had a nice long talk about Italy and its surrounding areas. She just recently had gone there and was giving me some tips on traveling there. So, after all that excitement it was time to meet my sister for dinner. We had time to "catch up" and enjoy a barbeque meal. She was in Vegas the past weekend for a bachelorette party. Boy things have changed since I got married!

Well, I'm off to Springfield! Talk to y'all later!


the said...

Hi there!! I think you met my daughter last week (Starbucks).... Im so glad you found my blog and commented me. This is such a small world! I wish I would of known you were going to Spencers and Ruthie's - I would of met you there! Those are two relly cool places to go. If your still in the area , theres another very cool place to go called JJ's Antiques. Its on Cole School Rd before the Ridge Dr cross on the way to Scio.
Anywho- I feel like I know you because you met my daughter - this blog thing is so much fun !
Hope your having a great day and try and soak up the sun while its here!

Anonymous said...

I noticed your from around here, my mama is the hearts of hartmann! it is cool to know how many people are from around here, i noticed your treasurse from the red bench, that place is amazing! Have a good week =D