Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On The Hunt

Enjoying my time in Oregon....no agenda.....no timeline....no cleaning....no laundry....no responsibilities! Lovin' it! Just Rochelle time! Yesterday I ventured out to Portland again (yes, I've made the trip twice) and thought I would check out Monticello Antiques. I had expected more and was kind of let down because I didn't find anything I was on the hunt for. I did find a hummel figure for my mom, a princess tiara, and a little red nut grinder.

Now my day in Silverton was much more of a success. I found many treasures there, the Red Bench never lets me down! Here is a red stool and a black ladder. I plan on using the ladder in our bathroom as a towel rack and the stool will go in my kitchen.

Look at this great vintage picnic basket, some red transferware plates, a cute dutch girl, another hummel figurine for my mom, and a cute tulip bowl......

And, I was really happy to find some old chandelier crystals to bring with me to Italy to adorn the candelabra that I will be making. Also found the great vintage sprinkler that they are hanging from!

I think that most of the things I have adorning my home have come from Oregon from the many times that I have visited my parents house and gone antiquing. I just love more of the vintage look rather than the modern look that is in the department or furniture stores. Vintage just has more of a cozy, homey and warm feeling to it rather than the cold feeling I get when I am around modern things. Don't get me wrong, I love organization, but finding old vintage boxes to put things in to clear up clutter is more my style.

So, off I go to find some more treasures! 

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