Saturday, June 7, 2008

This Farm Chick Is Goin' Shoppin'

Today is the day!!! I can't wait to get to the fairgrounds.....I can hear many cute vintage items calling my name. Rochelle, Rochelle, Rochelle, come see me and take me home with you....I would look so cute in your house. I hope that my expectations are met when I get there and see the stuff. I'm sure it will and I'm sure there is lots to see and do. Farm Chicks look out, here I come!

Yesterday I spent the day in my most favorite store....Macy's. I love, love, love everything they have there. I bought a few things for my Italy trip in September. (Yes, I am going to Italy and can't wait. I will give more details on this trip later. It involves a workshop that is held in the northern region of Italy in a town called Cortona. It is a dream of a lifetime!) I always find neat things in Macy's and yesterday was no exception. I was only bummed because nothing was on sale, but the prices weren't too bad.

I'll see ya'll later after my day at The Farm Chicks Sale!

2 comments: said...

How was the Farm Chicks show??? How cool, I'd love to go there. And to Italy!!

Anita said...

I cannot WAIT to see your finds from the Farm Chicks show. I'm extremely envious - I wanted to go, but couldn't this year. Maybe next!