Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting Packed...

I am getting things done ahead of time instead of waiting until the last moment (which is what I usually do). I have most of my luggage packed....yes, packed! Next Saturday we are off once again to Las Vegas for the annual Concrete Convention. We are driving - yuk!!! :( - and should get there sometime Sunday night. I'm sure it will be fun once we get there, but the 26+ hour drive is brutal!! And, when you are traveling with 2 yorkies who don't like car drives, it is challenging. Hopefully this trip will be less traumatic for them and they will get some sleep instead of constantly looking out the window. We will be staying until Friday so we will have plenty of time to take in some shows, eat, shop, eat some more, shop some more, and shop some more!! My favorite store is there - Macy's - and I can't wait to see what they have for spring. 

This year we are staying at Caesar's instead of the Imperial Palace (where we have stayed the past 3 years). The Imperial Palace is just so smokey smelling and the newer hotel/casinos as well as Caesar's do not smell like smoke. Caesar's is pretty central to everything and that is important since we do a lot of walking the strip while we are there.
I'm really looking forward to some decent weather while we are there too. I am so sick of the rain and snow that we've had here. The snow was pretty for awhile, but now it is just dirty looking and it is darn cold too! Hopefully we will be able to walk around Vegas during the day with just a light jacket on - this is what I am hoping for.

Last weekend my youngest daughter had their basketball tournament and they won all three games so they came out the champions! Here is a picture of the team and the trophy - my daughter is #22.

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Brenda said...

Vegas sounds fun!!Just the other day Hubby and I were talking about going in March.