Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can't Believe It!!

Well today and yesterday have just knocked the socks right off me! As you know I have been doing some renovating (of what I am capable of) and we have also enlisted the help of a tile laying company here in town to redo both of our bathrooms and our laundry room. I went into their showroom and carefully picked out the right tiles for each room to be done and yesterday the demolition began in the downstairs bathroom. It has had this really bad linoleum in it and it had begun to stain and look really gross. So, in keeping with the heritage of the home, we decided to lay a solid black tile to match the existing tile in the bath and shower area as well as the walls. So, as they started taking up the old flooring, a peek of the same tiles that are on the walls and bath began to show through! After they removed all of the linoleum, not one tile on the floor was damaged! I can't believe someone would cover over perfectly good tile. They will have to replace the grout once everything is cleaned up and we have decided to go with a black grout that won't show the staining in the future.

Isn't this great looking tile??

Who would cover it up to not have it match the rest of this great vintage bathroom.....

Surprises abound everywhere......today as they started taking apart the flooring in the laundry room, the same thing happens. Tile underneath! Now, it could've been a hidious color, something that wouldn't have matched my color scheme in the house. But, it was amazing that it was in the exact color family of what I have in the laundry room and kitchen! I can't believe it. I betcha the tile layers wish they would've known that there was tile underneath all that linoleum before they brought in all the tile we had ordered!

See what I mean.....perfect!

So, right now I am doing the happy dance because we are able to keep the original heritage of the home. That should be a good selling feature when it comes time to list it. Somebody else will be able to enjoy all the hard work that has been put into preserving this home's heritage!

Well, I must go upstairs to middle daughter's bedroom and put the second coat of paint on the walls.  I will be painting the trim tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to start decorating it (this is the part I love) tomorrow night and Thursday. When all is said and done in that room I will post the after pictures.

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